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TAP and Friends at the Dallas/Fort Worth Tech Prayer Breakfast 2023

On Friday, October 27th, the team at TAP Innovations had the privilege of hosting 2 tables at the highly anticipated Dallas/Fort Worth Technology Prayer Breakfast (DFW Tech PB) at the Irving Convention Center.

Speakers of the Day: Stories of Faith and Leadership


Ana Lopez: A Journey of Resilience and Faith


Ana Lopez, Founder and CEO of Alturas Technology Services, graced the stage with her inspiring story. Before establishing her company in the Bay Area in 2018, Ana held the position of VP-Strategic Accounts at cPrime. Here, she garnered numerous Top Performance awards and built high-performing teams for renowned technology brands. However, Ana’s journey was not without its trials. Facing family strife in her early years, she rediscovered her Christian faith, undergoing a transformative journey. Ana shared her powerful story at the event, providing attendees with a poignant example of resilience and the strength that comes from faith.

Robert Hunt: Living a Life of Purpose and Accountability


Robert Hunt, a distinguished member of the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast leadership committee and a Merv Tarde Values in Leadership Circle inductee, also took the stage. As the owner of REF Dallas, Robert leads monthly peer group meetings for CEOs in the DFW area. In 2022, he added ‘Author’ to his impressive resume, co-authoring “Nobody Cares…until you do.” This book offers readers insights and tools to overcome blame and excuses, encouraging them to live the life they truly desire. Robert’s session, marked by his trademark humor and candor, left a lasting impact on all in attendance.

About the DFW Prayer Breakfast: Connecting and Inspiring Technology Leaders


The DFW Tech PB is a volunteer-led organization based in Richardson, TX, founded by Jeff Clement with support from the IT community in DFW. The event is designed to connect technology leaders in North Texas, providing a platform to share convictions and passions.

Mission and Vision: Fostering a Life-Changing Relationship with Jesus Christ


The primary mission of DFW Tech PB is to create a relevant business environment for technology professionals in DFW, where a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ is presented and nurtured. The organizers aspire for technology leaders who follow Jesus Christ to live out their faith boldly in every aspect of their lives, including at work. They aim to represent Christ authentically to others, encouraging more people to hear the Gospel, believe, and follow Jesus.

Core Values: Guiding Principles for Life and Work


The event is anchored in core values that guide attendees in their personal and professional lives:
• Following, serving, and proclaiming Jesus Christ
• Humility
• Servant leadership
• Mentorship
• Honoring God in work by pursuing excellence

The DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast 2023 provided a unique and enriching experience for all attendees, including the team at TAP Innovations. The powerful stories shared by Ana Lopez and Robert Hunt, coupled with the deep sense of community and shared values, created an environment of inspiration and fellowship. The event served as a poignant reminder of the power of faith and the impact it can have on one’s personal and professional life. For TAP Innovations, it was a morning well spent, full of meaningful connections and renewed inspiration to lead with purpose and integrity.

TAP Innovations Secures #1 Spot on the LSU 100 for 2nd Consecutive Year

DALLAS, TX –11/1/2023  TAP Innovations, a Dallas-based leader in automating manual paperwork and reducing spreadsheet reliance for businesses, has proudly claimed the number one spot on the LSU 100 list for the second year in a row growing over 400% over the last 3 years. The LSU 100 is an esteemed annual ranking showcasing the fastest-growing businesses worldwide that are owned or led by LSU graduates.
LSU unveiled the 2023 ranking, solidifying TAP Innovations’ standing as a formidable player in the global business landscape. The company’s founder and CEO, John Ragsdale, is an LSU alumnus who earned his bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from the esteemed university in 1994.

Attendee Highlights

– 2 Super Bowl Rings New England’s Patriot Kevin Faulk (An LSU graduate in 1998) was in attendance as the MC and he helped make it a rockin’ event! Check out more about him here!
– CEO of TAP John Ragsdale sang the iconic “Hotel California” with the outstanding Three 37 band! More about this great band can be found here.
– It was also wonderful for TAP to mingle with Dr. Christina Melton, Holt Ragsdale, and Dr. Jamar Melton at the celebration!

About the LSU 100

The LSU 100 is a competitive program that celebrates the growth and success of businesses led by LSU graduates. To be considered, companies must apply each year, with the ROARING20 list highlighting the top 20 revenue-generating businesses. The rankings for both the LSU 100 and ROARING20 lists was revealed at an exclusive gala on Friday, October 20, 2023.
“Being recognized by my alma mater for the second consecutive year is a tremendous honor,” said John Ragsdale, CEO of TAP Innovations. “This accolade is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team at TAP Innovations. We are committed to helping businesses streamline their operations and drive efficiency, and this recognition fuels our passion to continue innovating and growing.”
EisnerAmper serves as the official accounting firm partner for the program, while b1BANK is a gold-level corporate sponsor. Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry & Distinctive Gifts sponsors the honoree awards, Gatorworks sponsors the LSU100 website, and the Tiger Athletic Foundation partners with LSU’s E. J. Ourso College of Business Stephenson Department of Entrepreneurship & Information Systems. The LSU Alumni Association supports the gala as the entertainment and digital media sponsor.
Since the inaugural LSU 100 event in 2011, the program has recognized and celebrated the achievements of LSU graduates and their businesses, fostering a sense of pride and community among alumni.

About TAP Innovations

TAP Innovations, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is at the forefront of business process automation. Founded by John Ragsdale, an LSU alumnus, the company provides innovative solutions to help businesses eliminate manual efforts and spreadsheets or MESSs, embrace digital transformation, and achieve operational excellence. With a commitment to efficiency and innovation, TAP Innovations is a driving force in the tech industry and continues to contribute significantly to the growth and success of businesses worldwide.

TAP Innovations Wins Tech Titans Fast Tech 2023

TAP Innovations is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Tech Titans Fast Tech award. This recognition was conferred on September 29th at the Renaissance Legacy West Hotel in Plano, TX, marking us as the fastest-growing Mid-Size Tech Company in North Texas.

Our company achieved a significant milestone by recording a 2410% growth, reflecting our strong performance and continuous commitment to delivering innovative solutions in the tech industry. The award, a renowned honor in the sector, underscores our efforts in fostering innovation, enhancing client services, and driving substantial growth.

We attribute this achievement to the hard work, dedication, and innovation of our team and the unwavering support of our clients and partners. We are committed to building on this success, aiming for continuous improvement and innovation in our services and solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients and the industry at large.

We thank the organizers of the Tech Titans Fast Tech award for this recognition and are inspired to continue our journey of growth and innovation in the competitive tech landscape. The award serves not only as a testament to our past and present achievements but also as a catalyst for future innovation, service enhancement, and sustainable growth.

In receiving this award, TAP Innovations reaffirms its commitment to excellence, innovation, and the continuous delivery of cutting-edge solutions that drive value for our clients and the broader tech ecosystem.

About Tech Titans Fast Tech Award

This esteemed recognition is rooted in:
• Three-year revenue growth, a testament to business acumen and strategic innovation.
• Contributions to the tech landscape in North Texas, underscoring regional development.
• Sustainable and innovative business practices setting precedents in the industry.

John Ragsdale, along with other distinguished leaders, was honored at the Tech Titans 2023 Annual Awards Gala, a convergence of innovation, technology, and business acumen.

About John Ragsdale, Founder CEO:

With a rich legacy of over 25 years in technological leadership, John Ragsdale has been a leader for large-scale project solutions, spurring organizations to new heights of efficiency and innovation. His journey from a seasoned CIO to the helm of TAP Innovations reflects a cutting edge path of technology, innovation, and strategic leadership across diverse sectors including healthcare, aerospace, and beyond. Follow John’s insights and industry updates on social media @JohnOnIT.

About TAP Innovations:

TAP Innovations, epitomizing cutting-edge cloud-based solutions, champions the eradication of Manual Efforts and SpreadSheets (MESS). A minority-owned entity, certified by Texas SBA, TAP Innovations sets the example for digital transformation, catalyzing efficiency and intelligence across organizational landscapes. The recognition by Tech Titans underscores TAP’s unwavering commitment to fostering innovation, driving growth, and engraving its mark as a frontrunner in the tech echelons of North Texas.

Detailed insights into the Fast Tech Awards, an ensemble of finalists, and the eclectic mix of innovation and business acuity encapsulated in the Tech Titans 2023 Annual Awards Gala, are accessible at:  https://techtitans.org/fast-tech/

Tech Titans Happy Hour: TAP CEO John Ragsdale Attends Contributing to Igniting Innovation in North Texas and Beyond

Exploring the Future of Technology at Tech Titans’ Annual Happy Hour

In a celebration of innovation and technological excellence, the renowned Tech Titans® forum recently hosted its much-anticipated annual Happy Hour event. This gathering served as a platform for industry leaders, visionaries, and trailblazers to come together, share insights, and discuss the cutting-edge technologies shaping our future. Among the luminaries present at the event was John Ragsdale, the CEO of TAP Innovations, a company making waves in the world of technology.

Tech Titans: Fostering Innovation in North Texas and Beyond

Tech Titans is more than just an event; it’s a thriving community that connects the regional technology ecosystem, providing a fertile ground for collaboration and inspiration. Their mission is clear: to fuel tomorrow’s innovations and recognize the exceptional individuals and companies shaping the high-tech industry. Tech Titans plays a vital role in making North Texas one of the world’s strongest technology communities.

John Ragsdale’s journey in technology leadership spans 25 years, during which he has consistently driven efficiency and delivered large-scale project solutions for various organizations. His passion for enhancing daily workflows through better data and process management led to the creation of TAP Innovations. TAP Innovations empowers individuals and organizations to harness the power of streamlined data and process management, benefitting staff, customers, and partners alike.

John had the opportunity to share a glass with Shelley Amason, Founder and CEO of Right Staffing. They discussions, latest trends, innovations, and challenges within the tech industry, as both leaders are at the forefront of technological advancements in their respective domains.

As Tech Titans continues to foster collaboration, recognize excellence, and inspire creativity, we eagerly await the announcement of this year’s award recipients.

TAP Innovations Triumphs: A Shining Entry in the 2023 LSU 100 List

A Celebration for TAP and all of our Wonderful Clients: Stay tuned Next Month for our Placement Announcement!

TAP Ranks on the LSU100

We’re super excited and can hardly contain our joy as we share this exhilarating news with our cherished network: TAP Innovations has clinched a prestigious position on the Louisiana State University’s acclaimed 2023 LSU 100 list! This hallmark event recognizes the fastest-growing ventures led or owned by LSU graduates.

A Celebration of Growth and Excellence

This moment of recognition shines a light on our significant strides and relentless commitment to reaching the pinnacle of excellence in the domains of custom application integration and development. It’s a vibrant celebration of innovation, diligence, and entrepreneurial spirit that defines us.

A Toast to LSU and Our Esteemed Clients

At this significant milestone, our hearts swell with gratitude towards LSU, a beacon of innovation and nurturing ground for entrepreneurs. We cannot forge ahead without expressing our deep appreciation to our valued clients. Your trust and collaboration have been the cornerstone of our success, turning dreams into groundbreaking realities. Thank you for being an integral part of this exhilarating voyage of growth and transformation!

Forge Ahead with Optimism and Zeal

As we advance, our resolve is stronger than ever. We remain committed to pushing boundaries, pioneering industry trends, and delivering services that leave a remarkable imprint on the industry. We invite you to revel in the details of this monumental achievement and to immerse yourself in the transformative solutions we passionately offer.

Your Invitation to Celebrate with Us

We extend a warm and cordial invitation for you to continue to be a part of our success story. Your support and encouragement propel us to greater heights. To discover the nuances of our vibrant achievements and our offerings, we heartily invite you to visit our website. Together, let’s celebrate the triumphs and the promising prospects that await us!

Want to read more about the LSU 100? Check out this article from The Advocate!


TAP Innovations Triumphs: Skyrockets to No. 185 on the Inc. 5000 List!


Extraordinary News!


TAP Innovations is absolutely thrilled to announce that we have landed the 185th spot on the prestigious Inc. 5000 list for 2023! This is not just a ranking; it’s an affirmation of all the hard work, unyielding commitment, and innovative spirit that each and every member of our team has poured into our dream.


The Inc. 5000 Benchmark


For those who might not know, the Inc. 5000 is no ordinary list. Curated by Inc. Magazine, it is an annual ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in America. This is THE list that has recognized companies such as Microsoft, Dell, Domino’s Pizza, Pandora, Timberland, LinkedIn, Yelp, and Zillow in their early days. To be featured alongside such esteemed company is both an honor and an encouragement to continue breaking new ground.


What This Means For TAP Innovations


Ranking at No. 185 is no small feat! It speaks volumes about the culture of innovation, relentless drive, and passion for customer satisfaction that are the hallmarks of TAP Innovations. This accomplishment amplifies our commitment to delivering unmatched solutions to our clients. We’ve always known we have a terrific team and groundbreaking services, but now we can proudly say the world recognizes it too!


A Shoutout to the Team


This wouldn’t have been possible without our phenomenal team. From the engineers to the marketing squad, from customer support to top-level management—every single effort counts. Your dedication has enabled us to scale new heights, and we are incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved together.


To Our Clients and Partners


We owe this remarkable journey to our loyal clients and partners who have shown immense faith in our capabilities. Your support has been invaluable, and we are committed to continually providing outstanding services to meet your ever-changing needs.


The Journey Ahead


This accolade sets the stage for more innovative solutions, challenging projects, and transformative customer experiences. We’re not stopping at No. 185; the sky is the limit!

So, let’s raise a toast to this fantastic accomplishment and gear up for an even more exciting journey ahead!

Thank you for being part of this amazing ride. We couldn’t have done it without you!