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Unlocking Growth for Midmarket Companies: Custom Integration Solutions by TAP Innovations

At TAP Innovations, we stand at the forefront of custom integration and application development, offering tailored solutions that drive businesses forward. Our drive is a relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation, catering to a diverse range of clients, particularly midmarket companies. Our expertise lies not just in developing cutting-edge applications but in crafting solutions that resonate with the unique needs and challenges of each client across all industries.

Midmarket companies stand at a critical point of growth and face unique obstacles as they tighten their operational efficiencies for expansion. These include the limitations of out-of-the-box systems that fail to scale, the pressing need for proprietary software to enhance company valuation, and the complexities of managing in-house software development. Each of these elements poses significant challenges, but also uncovers opportunities for innovation and growth.

As midmarket companies seek scalable solutions, reveals much about their aspirations and the hurdles they encounter. They are driven by a desire for growth, efficiency, and enhanced business intelligence. Yet, they often find themselves grappling with the high costs of big firms, the intricacies of managing development teams, and the lack of solutions tailored to their specific industry needs.

But what if there was a way to turn these challenges into opportunities? What if a solution existed that not only addressed these pain points but also propelled these companies towards unprecedented growth? At TAP Innovations, we believe we hold the key to this transformation.

How TAP Innovations Can Help

In the dynamic landscape of business technology, TAP Innovations stands as a trusted partner of expertise and innovation for midmarket companies. Our deep industry knowledge and proficiency in custom application integration set us apart, positioning us as the expert guide for businesses navigating the complex terrain of technological advancement. At TAP Innovations, we understand that each business has a unique story and requirements, which is why we offer:

• World-Class Support: Our commitment to unparalleled customer service ensures that each client receives the attention and support they need to thrive.
• Proactive Technology Adoption: We stay ahead of the curve, adopting the latest technological advancements to provide cutting-edge solutions.
• Custom Solutions like Lean Sigma for Workflow Analysis: Our tailored approach, including specialized tools like lean sigma, ensures that each solution is perfectly aligned with our clients’ specific operational needs.

The Plan

Our approach at TAP Innovations is methodical and client-centric, focusing on delivering tailor-made solutions that resonate with each company’s unique challenges and aspirations. Here’s how we do it:

• Initial Consultation to Tailored Solutions: We begin with a free in-depth consultation to understand each client’s specific needs, followed by the development of customized solutions.
• Benefits of Partnering with TAP Innovations: Our clients enjoy numerous advantages, including cost-effectiveness, industry-specific expertise, and continuous support, ensuring their long-term success and growth.

We invite business owners facing challenges with manual workflows to engage with TAP Innovations for their custom application needs. Our team is ready to provide the guidance and solutions necessary for your technological transformation.

Contact us today for a free comprehensive workflow and application integration readiness assessment. Let us help you streamline your operations and achieve new heights of efficiency and success.

Avoiding Stagnation

Ignoring the need to address scaling issues can lead to stagnation, inefficient workflows, and the risk of being outcompeted. TAP Innovations’ solutions are designed to mitigate these risks, ensuring your business remains agile and competitive.

Choosing TAP Innovations means setting off on a path to success characterized by scalable solutions, enhanced business intelligence, and a competitive edge. Our portfolio includes numerous testimonials and case studies demonstrating successful partnerships and transformative outcomes.

Our expertise in custom application integrations has empowered over 300 customers across 25 industries, connecting more than 2,500 systems in 1,500 locations worldwide. Our 4.8 out of 5 customer rating speaks to our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. Reach out today for your free consultation!

Empower Your MSP Business with TAP Innovations

Welcome to TAP Innovations, where our mission is to revolutionize how Managed Service Providers (MSPs) interact with their clients. Our unique approach not only helps MSPs assist their clients more effectively but also opens up new revenue streams and establishes beneficial partnerships. In the rapidly evolving MSP ecosystem, partnerships stand as a cornerstone of success, and TAP Innovations is committed to strengthening this foundation.

The Benefits of MSP Partnerships

Our partnerships with MSPs have led to numerous success stories. From addressing complex client queries to finding innovative solutions for application integrations, TAP Innovations has been at the forefront. These collaborations not only benefit MSPs and their clients but also foster a robust relationship with TAP, creating a ‘win-win-win’ scenario. The MSP adds a new revenue stream with their current client base, the client improves their operational efficiency, and TAP wins by helping another company streamline their workflows.

Through our partnerships, MSPs have unlocked new revenue streams, offering their clients TAP’s bespoke solutions in custom application integrations. This symbiotic relationship not only boosts the MSP’s service portfolio but also enhances client satisfaction and retention.

As industry leader Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” This ethos is at the heart of our partnerships at TAP Innovations. We believe in creating lasting relationships that not only enhance our partners’ capabilities but also drive their growth and success.

Targeting company owners in industries with manual workflows ripe for automation, TAP Innovations presents a unique opportunity. Our expertise in custom application integrations has proven transformative for businesses, automating and streamlining processes to achieve unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.

The Advantage of Fixed Bid with TAP

1. Understanding Fixed Bid: In the realm of project management and IT service delivery, fixed bid offers a clear, upfront cost for services rendered. This method significantly reduces the risk for clients as they know exactly what to expect financially. TAP Innovations elevates this concept, ensuring that our fixed bid proposals are not only competitive but also transparent, eliminating hidden costs that often accompany such agreements.
2. TAP’s Distinctive Approach: Unlike many competitors, TAP Innovations stands out by offering fixed bids that truly reflect the scope of the project. We pride ourselves on our ability to accurately scope projects, ensuring that what we quote is what you pay, no surprises. This commitment is backed by our extensive experience in custom application integrations, serving over 300 customers across 25 industries and in 3 countries.
3. On-Time, Within Budget: At TAP, our promise goes beyond just delivering a project; we ensure it’s done on time and within the agreed-upon budget. Our track record speaks for itself, with a customer rating of 4.8 out of 5 and over 2,500 systems connected in 1,500 plus locations.

Income Streams for MSPs with TAP

For Managed Service Providers (MSPs) seeking lucrative opportunities, partnering with TAP Innovations opens a gateway to diverse income streams. Our partnership program is meticulously designed to benefit MSPs in multiple ways:

1. Referral Commissions on Implementation: Each successful referral to TAP Innovations for custom application integrations results in substantial commission rewards. Our transparent commission structure ensures MSPs are rewarded fairly for their referrals.
2. Recurring Revenue Commissions: Beyond the initial implementation, MSPs earn ongoing commissions for monthly recurring revenue from clients using TAP’s services. This creates a steady income stream, fostering long-term financial stability.
3. Enhanced Hosting Services: By integrating TAP’s applications, MSPs can elevate their hosting services, further enriching their service offerings to clients. This not only enhances the MSP’s value proposition but also opens doors to new revenue potentials.
Section 5: Engaging Clients with TAP’s Offerings

Engaging clients effectively is key for MSPs to unlock the full potential of a partnership with TAP. Here are simple questions to help MSPs identify client needs for TAP’s services:

Key Questions for Clients:

• Does your current systems fully integrate with all necessary applications to streamline operations?
• Are you leveraging Business Intelligence (BI) for financial insights?
• Do you have any manual efforts or heavily utilize spreadsheets?

TAP as a Trusted Referral Partner

TAP Innovations stands out as a unique and trusted partner for MSPs. Our distinction lies in:

• Comprehensive Pre-Proposal Efforts: We dive deep into understanding and accurately scoping integration projects before any proposal is made.
• Complimentary Technical Consultancy and Support: MSPs and their clients benefit from our no-cost consultancy, ensuring they receive the best solutions tailored to their needs.
• Clear Cost Structures and SLAs: Our fixed bid commitment and high-level Service Level Agreements (SLAs) provide clarity and reliability.
• Proactive Service Desk Support: We offer top-tier support, ensuring any issues are resolved swiftly and efficiently.
• Detailed Technical Diagrams with Proposals: Our proposals come with comprehensive technical diagrams, making complex integrations easy to understand.

The 360 Win Example

The financial benefits for MSPs partnering with TAP are significant. We will delve into a case study highlighting the quantifiable financial outcomes of such a partnership, demonstrating the tangible benefits that await.

One of your MSP partners simply asked the question, “Are you currently working on any custom applications?” Which resulted in a multi-phase $300,000+ dollar project which kick started a new revenue stream for them and not only landed them an initial huge commission, but reoccurring revenue from the support of the custom app. Read more about it here.

Versatility and Consultative Approach

TAP’s versatility in handling various company types and industries is unparalleled. Our consultative approach adds immense value, not just in solutions provided, but also in the strategic insights and industry expertise we offer.

Reach out to TAP today to see how you can add new revenue streams to your MSP company today.

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Manufacturing: Integrating ERP and Custom Applications for Inventory Efficiency

Manufacturing: Integrating ERP and Custom Applications for Inventory Efficiency

In the complex and dynamic environment of the manufacturing sector, the archaic routines of manual inventory management are akin to navigating a labyrinth blindfolded. Companies grapple with overproduction, underutilization of resources, and an alarming amount of waste, all symptomatic of outdated systems that can no longer support the demands of modern enterprise. Amidst this chaos, the introduction of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and custom application integration emerges as a beacon of hope, promising to dispel inefficiencies and illuminate a path towards operational excellence.

TAP Innovations stands at the forefront of this technological evolution, championing the integration of bespoke software solutions that transform the inventory landscape. By interweaving sophisticated ERP systems with tailor-made applications, we are not only addressing the symptoms but curing the underlying ailment that plagues inventory management. As we draw back the curtain on a revolutionized approach to inventory control, one question looms large, whispering promises of untapped efficiency—how exactly can TAP Innovations’ solutions reconstruct the very DNA of your inventory management system? This, we will explore, is just the tip of the iceberg, with revelations that will recalibrate your entire perspective on inventory management.

Inventory Management Challenges

• Inefficiencies in manual inventory processes can cripple a business, leading to inaccurate data that generates costly missteps in order management.
• The ripple effects of inaccurate inventory tracking are profound, culminating in dreaded stockouts or the equally problematic excess inventory, both of which can undermine a company’s financial health and customer satisfaction.
• Adapting to the erratic ebb and flow of supply chain volatility becomes an insurmountable challenge when reliant on antiquated systems. The need for agility in the face of such uncertainty is not just a preference but a necessity for survival.

“Technology is best when it brings people together,” as Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress, insightfully remarked. It’s a poignant reminder that at the intersection of technology and human ingenuity, we find the ultimate solutions to our most pressing challenges.

Technical Aspects of ERP Integration

ERP systems are the backbone of inventory management, offering a central repository for all inventory data and enabling real-time visibility into stock levels. Their core functionalities encompass:

• Streamlined procurement processes to ensure the right materials are available at the right time.
• Real-time inventory tracking that reduces the risk of stock discrepancies and provides accurate stock data.
• Enhanced reporting capabilities that furnish stakeholders with the necessary insights to make informed decisions.

The seamless integration of custom applications with ERP systems requires a robust understanding of various technical protocols, ensuring data flows without hiccups and systems communicate effectively to provide a holistic view of inventory statuses.

Automation of Inventory Processes

The shift from manual to automated processes through ERP and custom application integration brings a new dawn of efficiency:

• Automated ordering and replenishment eliminate human error and ensure optimal stock levels.
• Data analytics and demand planning become sharpened tools in the inventory management arsenal, providing predictive insights for better decision-making.
• A streamlined and efficient supply chain is no longer a distant dream but a tangible reality, with automation serving as the master key to unlock unprecedented operational efficiency.

TAP Innovations’ Integration Solutions

TAP Innovations specializes in crafting custom applications that marry seamlessly with ERP systems, empowering businesses with:

• Real-time inventory tracking that acts as the central nervous system for your inventory management, ensuring data is always current and accurate.
• Process automation that liberates human capital from the drudgery of manual entry, allowing them to engage in more strategic and creative tasks.
• A measurable impact on inventory efficiency, evidenced by the drastic reduction of waste within the manufacturing process, thereby enhancing sustainability and profitability.

Our custom application development is not just a service; it is the linchpin in your quest for manufacturing supremacy.


ERP and custom application integration by TAP Innovations epitomize the vanguard of inventory management modernization. This integration is not merely an upgrade; it’s a reinvention of the entire inventory management process, delivering precision, efficiency, and foresight where once there was chaos and guesswork.

Encourage company owners with manual inventory workflows to transform their businesses with TAP Innovations’ integration services. Gain an edge with our free comprehensive workflow and application integration readiness assessment. Leverage our experience, evidenced by over 300 satisfied customers across 25 industries, a sterling 4.8 customer rating, and our expertise in connecting over 2,500 systems across 1,500 locations. Your journey towards inventory mastery begins here.

Automating Employee Scheduling for Restaurant Efficiency

In the bustling heart of the restaurant industry, the intricate dance of employee scheduling is often what keeps operations running smoothly. The concept of employee scheduling is far from trivial—it is a vital cog in the machinery of operational efficiency, determining not only the satisfaction of your staff but the experience of every customer who walks through your doors. As restaurant owners grapple with the constraints of time and the all-too-human potential for error in manual scheduling processes, a new horizon is emerging.

Here, pain points such as mismatched shifts, the chaos of last-minute changes, and the grumbling discontent of overworked or underutilized employees are all too familiar. But what if there was a way to transform this complex puzzle? TAP Innovations steps forward with a promise—a glimpse into the transformative potential of Human Capital Management (HCM) integrations designed to automate the very heartbeat of restaurant operations: employee scheduling.

The intricacies of a well-oiled scheduling system can mean the difference between profit and loss, contentment and turnover. Yet, as we peer into the complexities of manual scheduling and its impacts, there is a beacon of revolution on the horizon, one that TAP Innovations is poised to unveil. But how does this integration reshape the terrain of an entire industry, and what secrets do these technological advancements hold? (The answers to these compelling questions will unfold throughout our discussion, but first, let’s examine the very challenges that drive the need for such innovation.)

Scheduling Challenges in Restaurant Operations

In a restaurant setting, the complexity of managing diverse work shifts can be as intricate as the recipes for your signature dishes.

The issues with manual scheduling include:

Time conflicts that arise when employees are double-booked or unavailable.
The dilemma of understaffing during peak hours and overstaffing during slower periods, leading to financial inefficiency.
The struggle to accommodate employee preferences, which, when unmet, can result in dissatisfaction and high turnover rates.
The cumbersome process of managing leave and absence manually, a task that can disrupt service quality and staff morale.

Managing a staff roster without the aid of technology is akin to juggling with too many balls in the air—eventually, something is going to drop. This is the challenge that restaurant owners face daily, and it’s precisely where the story of transformation begins.

Technical Insights into HCM Scheduling Automation

HCM scheduling systems are not just software—they are the architects of time, constructing efficient schedules that harmonize the demands of restaurant operations with the needs of the workforce.

When integrated with existing restaurant management software, they:

Facilitate seamless handling of time-off requests, shift swaps, and emergency coverage without the typical disruption to service.
Utilize real-time data to manage staff schedules, providing the agility to react swiftly to unexpected changes.
Harness predictive analytics to forecast staffing needs, ensuring that the restaurant is adequately staffed for every shift, every day.

In this technologically advanced approach, the once tedious task of scheduling is simplified, allowing restaurant managers to focus on what they do best—creating exceptional dining experiences.

The Advantages of Automated Scheduling Systems

The introduction of HCM integration into staff scheduling brings with it a bounty of operational benefits.

Consider these advantages:

Improved operational efficiency through the optimization of staff time and resources.
Direct and indirect cost savings by reducing overstaffing and minimizing the risk of under-staffing during critical business hours.
Enhanced employee morale, as scheduling becomes transparent and accommodating, aligning with their preferences and life commitments.

“Time is the scarcest resource, and unless it is managed, nothing else can be managed,” Peter Drucker, a pioneer in the field of management theory, once remarked. This truth resonates deeply within the realm of restaurant operations, where the management of time through scheduling is foundational to success.

TAP Innovations’ Custom Application Integration Solutions

TAP Innovations has crafted its niche in the tapestry of technological solutions by providing custom application integrations that streamline and simplify employee scheduling. Our approach is laser-focused on the unique challenges of the restaurant industry.

Our solutions target issues such as:

Inefficient scheduling that fails to consider the variables of the restaurant business.
The lack of a centralized system to manage the diverse aspects of employee administration.
The need for a robust system that not only schedules but also provides insights into operational trends.

TAP Innovations has a proven track record, evidenced by over 300 customers across 25 industries and in 3 countries, a stellar 4.8 out of 5 customer rating, connecting more than 2,500 systems and 1,500 locations. Our solutions don’t just change how schedules are made; they transform the very fabric of restaurant operations.


Automated scheduling is not just a modern convenience; it is the pivot on which the entire restaurant industry can turn towards greater efficiency and employee satisfaction. The narrative of the industry is being rewritten, and TAP Innovations is at the forefront, offering not just solutions but a partnership in revolutionizing the way restaurants operate.

Owners who recognize the pivotal role of optimized scheduling hold the key to unlocking the full potential of their operations. It’s here that TAP Innovations extends an invaluable offer—a free comprehensive workflow and application integration readiness assessment. This assessment isn’t just about adapting to change; it’s about setting the stage for unprecedented efficiency and growth.

Take the step towards redefining your restaurant’s operational success with TAP Innovations. Benefit from our experience, our technology, and our commitment to excellence that has resonated with hundreds of satisfied customers. Unlock the potential of automated scheduling in your establishment today.

Hospitality’s New Frontier: Automated HCM Employee Management

In the vibrant world of hospitality, where every guest interaction counts and every service moment is an opportunity for excellence, the back-end management often remains labor-intensive and archaic. The manual handling of employee management, from shift schedules to tip distribution, poses significant challenges. As integrators in this bustling industry, we recognize the intricacy of these tasks—especially shift management. The puzzle of aligning staff availability with business demand, without the aid of modern tools, can lead to inefficiencies that ripple across the entirety of operations.

The nuanced realm of managing tips and tracking employee performance adds layers of complexity that can overwhelm even the most seasoned managers. But what if there was a transformative way to approach these challenges? Imagine a revolutionary wave of automation brought to you by TAP Innovations, capable of not just simplifying but elevating the entire scope of hospitality management. As we delve into this innovation, one can’t help but wonder: how will the integration of such sophisticated automation redefine the industry as we know it?

Identifying the Challenges in Hospitality Employee Management – Navigating the Complexities of Hospitality Workforce Management

Manual Shift Scheduling

• Struggle with aligning staff availability and business needs.
• Increased risk of human error leading to understaffing or overstaffing.
• Dissatisfaction among employees due to inflexible scheduling.

Tip Distribution and Payroll

• Difficulties in tracking tip amounts accurately.
• Disputes arising from perceived unfairness in tip allocation.
• Payroll errors due to manual entry leading to legal and financial repercussions.

Performance Tracking

• Inconsistencies in measuring and monitoring employee performance.
• Challenges in linking performance data to rewards and recognition.
• Potential negative impact on service quality and customer satisfaction.

These hurdles not only strain the operational flow but also often lead to frustration amongst both the workforce and management. The quest for a more efficient solution has become a pressing priority for those desiring to lead in the hospitality industry.

Technical Overview of HCM and POS System Integration – The Mechanics of Streamlining Employee Management

Human Capital Management (HCM) Systems

• Central role in managing employee data and administrative tasks.
• Limitations when operating in isolation, without integration with other systems.

Point of Sale (POS) Systems

• Critical for transaction processing and sales data in hospitality.
• Rich source of data that often goes untapped for employee management purposes.

Integration Process

• Combines HCM and POS data for a unified management system.
• Real-time data flow enhances decision-making and operational efficiency.

Through such technical integration, the stage is set for a more synchronized and strategic approach to employee management, promising an unprecedented level of operational fluency.

The Benefits of Automating Employee Management in Hospitality – Operational Excellence through HCM and POS Synergy

Streamlined Shift Management

• Automated scheduling aligns with business demands and employee preferences.
• Reduction in scheduling conflicts and errors.

Automated Tip Distribution

• Fair and accurate disbursement of tips based on transparent and trackable criteria.
• Simplified payroll processes and reduced discrepancies.

Enhanced Performance Tracking

• Real-time tracking facilitates immediate feedback and recognition.
• Data-driven insights lead to informed decisions on training and promotions.

Automation thus emerges not just as a tool but as a strategic ally in the relentless pursuit of excellence in hospitality management.

TAP Innovations’ Custom Integration Solutions for Hospitality – Personalized Automation for Your Hospitality Needs

Custom Application Integrations

• Tailored solutions that address the specific challenges of hospitality management.
• Seamless integration with existing systems to enhance workflow efficiency.

TAP Innovations’ Proven Track Record

• Over 300 customers across 25 industries and in 3 countries attest to our expertise.
• A stellar customer satisfaction rating of 4.8 out of 5 underscores our commitment to quality and service.

A free comprehensive workflow and application integration readiness assessment stands as a testament to our dedication to your operational success. This pivotal assessment will lay the groundwork for a revolutionized management system, tailored by the hands of TAP Innovations’ skilled professionals, to turn the tide of your business’s operational challenges.

Embrace the technological advancement that awaits your enterprise. Connect with TAP Innovations and explore how our custom application integrations can transform your hospitality management system. With a history of connecting over 2,500 systems across 1,500 locations, we bring a depth of experience and a commitment to excellence that can pivot your business towards success. Take advantage of our free comprehensive workflow and application integration readiness assessment. Contact TAP Innovations today.

Healthcare Clinics: Enhancing Patient Flow with Custom Application Development

In today’s healthcare landscape, the ability to navigate patient flow with precision is not just an operational must-have—it’s the heartbeat of a thriving clinic. With the consequences of manual processes rearing their heads in the form of long patient wait times and administrative fatigue, the criticality of efficient patient flow cannot be overstressed. Here, we pivot to the promise of technology—custom application integration—poised as the antidote to the friction of outdated practices.

At TAP Innovations, we stand at the forefront, charting a course through these choppy waters with our innovative integration services. But how do we transform these challenges into a seamless symphony of patient management workflow? As the curtain rises on the intricacies of this transformation, one must wonder, how does a clinic transition from a chaotic chorus to a harmonious haven for patient care?

Challenges in Patient Flow Management

1. Increased Wait Times
• The domino effect of manual patient handling is palpable, culminating in extended wait times that test the limits of patient patience and clinic efficiency.
2. Administrative Overload
• Tasks that scream for automation still rest on the weary shoulders of staff, magnifying the scope for human error and operational inefficiencies.
3. Fragmented Patient Information
• With disparate systems, the patient narrative often becomes a puzzle, with pieces scattered across platforms and paperwork.

In these challenges lies an unspoken question: How can we shift from the status quo to a streamlined patient flow?

Technical Overview of Custom Application Integration

Electronic Health Records (EHR) Systems
• The spine of patient data management, EHR systems must integrate smoothly with other clinic software to optimize patient care.
Appointment Scheduling and EHR Synchronization
• Appointment systems must communicate in real-time with EHR, ensuring a ballet of balanced schedules and patient records.

The technical fabric of integration weaves together the threads of clinic operations, crafting optimal efficiency and care.

Enhancements in Patient Experience and Clinic Operations

Reduced Patient Wait Times

• Witness the transformation as integrated systems whittle down wait times, directly uplifting patient satisfaction.
Seamless Clinic Operations
• From registration to discharge, the clinic dance is choreographed with precision, enabled by an uninterrupted flow of data.
Custom Dashboards for Healthcare Providers
• Real-time insights are at the fingertips of those who wield them, enabling swift decisions and proactive patient care.

Through this lens, we see a clinic reimagined, a patient experience redefined.

TAP Innovations’ Custom Application Development Solutions

TAP Innovations leads the vanguard of custom application development, connecting the dots between EHR and practice management software with tailored integration solutions. Our commitment:

• Transformative Patient Flow Management
• We craft pathways for data to flow, turning tangled processes into streamlined systems that speak to the heart of patient management.
• Custom Dashboards
• Our custom dashboards are not mere tools; they are the compass by which clinics navigate the vast ocean of operational data.

Through our solutions, clinics are not just adapting; they are evolving in a landscape where technology and patient care converge.


As the chapters of clinic inefficiency close, a new narrative emerges, one where integrated patient management systems become the standard for streamlined healthcare operations. At TAP Innovations, we don’t just witness this transformation; we catalyze it, with a clear vision and bespoke solutions in custom application development. Our history—a testament to our impact, with a presence across 25 industries and a beacon of trust with a 4.8 customer rating—anchors our promise.

Consider this your invitation to redefine patient flow in your clinic: a free comprehensive workflow and application integration readiness assessment by TAP Innovations, a step towards integrating your systems and unlocking the full potential of your operations. Harness our expertise, proven across 300 customers in 3 countries, connecting over 2,500 systems across 1,500 locations. Discover the tangible benefits of integration, and take hold of the future of patient care.