COVID19 / Coronavirus Update

Customers, Partners and Teams,

The way many of you are operating businesses and serving your customers is rapidly changing. Rest assured TAP Innovations is positioned to accommodate your needs with continued support and uninterrupted technology services. 

Here are a few things we would like you to know.

  1. TAP is still fully operational and will continue to provide our standard great services (existing and new projects as well as ongoing support and maintenance) for our customers.
  2. Today, we deliver these services in creative ways leveraging the best resources regardless of where they are located. This allows our teams to be remote yet working closely together for a common goal: to deliver outstanding solutions and services to our customers, AND we will continue to do this going forward.
  3. TAP team members are taking the appropriate steps to be safe and adhere to COVID-19 local, national and international guidelines. Because of our remote capabilities and technological sophistication, we can easily serve you and your projects without disruption. 

We are all praying for those affected by this awful virus and for this to pass as quickly as possible. Nonetheless, in your efforts to deal with this challenging situation and however this is affecting you and your business, please contact TAP for solutions to make you more efficient and effective, improve your work from home situations, or in general reduce your Manual Efforts and SpreadSheets (MESS). 

We take pride in delivering services with a robust, global team and great cloud technologies. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me personally or to one of our great leaders (Rimond Allam, Mack Akhani, Clint Boeglin, or ZeeAnn Kane) with questions. 


R. John Ragsdale
Co-Founder/Board Chair

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