Insurance Verification Process Automation (IVPA)

Insurance Verification Process Automation (IVPA) brings significant time and cost savings to manual insurance verification processes by replacing manual and error-prone workflows. With IVPA, a medical practice increases staff productivity and verifies patient insurance faster.  Sophisticated integration technology ensures compatibility with electronic medical records, practice management systems and insurance payer websites for accurate verification status, data and reporting.

Robotic Process Automation Solves VoIP System Shortfalls

A company with 100 locations and 2,000 people is implementing a VoIP system to centralize phone and telecom services. Unfortunately, the new system setup allows any user to access administrative changes across all sites and locations without the ability to control user access and privileges. If an employee logs into the administration, there are no security limits or controls to prohibit human errors that can impact unwanted changes across all company locations. This customized functionality is on the future product roadmap for the VoIP system provider, however this organization needs immediate user controls to improve workflows.