Better Call Experiences

Contact centers or businesses fielding large call volumes are often the first point of contact that determines a customer’s experience. Call advisors that toggle between screens or lack historical caller information can cause lengthy calls and unnecessary information repetition. TAP Innovations contact center solution integrates with any customer relations database and brings efficiency to call management with process standardization and data sharing automation.

Collaborating with 10,000+ Employees

Collaboration amongst a company’s 10,000 employees became difficult, as not all employees had email addresses or access to current contact information. Business practices of communicating company updates through office memos and manual spreadsheet tracking caused confusion and work duplication. An enterprise platform now reaches all employees through a dynamic intranet, bringing trust in data accuracy thanks to HR system integration and higher engagement amongst teams and departments.

Company Growth Relied on the Ability to Scale Business Systems Quickly

For one financial services organization, company growth relied on the ability to scale business systems quickly to an extended team of advisors. Replacing Excel spreadsheets from current workflows with customized screens is opening data silos and provides a centralized database for cross-country collaboration and real-time information access. Onboarding of new advisors is possible thanks to the business efficiencies gained from the TAP Innovations platform.