Catalyst Health Network, an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) with 500,000+ patients and 300+ independent primary care physicians

Physician referral processes can become cumbersome when organizations rely heavily on spreadsheets for data management. For this ACO, operations were crippled by spreadsheet usage for referrals that were often placed to non-preferred providers or costly service centers. A single application to access MRI and Imaging referral data became necessary so the ACO can organize its preferred provider network across the user enterprise.

Better Call Experiences

Contact centers or businesses fielding large call volumes are often the first point of contact that determines a customer’s experience. Call advisors that toggle between screens or lack historical caller information can cause lengthy calls and unnecessary information repetition. TAP Innovations contact center solution integrates with any customer relations database and brings efficiency to call management with process standardization and data sharing automation.

Multi-state healthcare organization needed process improvement and automation

This large healthcare system had multiple spreadsheets and some paper solutions to track patient referral activity for 100+ healthcare facilities. An enterprise solution now provides visibility into referral trends while enabling better referral placements based on accurate insurance, demographics, and clinical data without the need for spreadsheets and manual processes, and helping reduce unnecessary costs by millions of dollars.

100,000 Patients in 20+ Spreadsheets

A simple patient survey tool gave one large physician group valuable insight into patient experiences and improved response to patient feedback by 100%. Immediate escalations based on patient feedback enabled measurable progress on clinical and quality improvements, while data and process automation through EMR system integration proved workflow-friendly for staff.